Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Giving Spirit

Today I received a lovely holiday card from one of Durable Goods biggest supporters and inside was a touching poem, a check for a subscription and a book of stamps. Michael Solender is a generous person both as a friend and as a fellow writer. He continually supports small press writers and lifts their work up by displaying them on his blog and encouraging them to think outside the box. I admire that about him because I have similar thoughts and feelings about writing. It is an individual adventure when we create a piece of fiction or a poem, but it is a community gift that reaches the borders of the world and has no limits on how much it can touch another person. Michael's encouragement of others is commendable and in light of this, I am going to use the book of stamps that he sent to give one of my readers a year's subscription who I know cannot afford to get one, but who is a humble supporter and shining human being.
Joyeux Noel Nadine Sellers!! Je t’aime.

Humbled and grateful,


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