Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Durable Goods Issue Eleven

Durable Goods Issue Eleven
Featured Writers:

William Taylor Jr.

Andrew Taylor

Aleathia Drehmer

**this is the third volume of tribute to David McNamara and Sunnyoutside

Copies Distributed: 110

This issue has sailed on gossamer wings to:  California, Georgia, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Connecticut, New York, Illinois, Massachussets, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Missouri, Mississippi, and England.

The cover photo has in it some potentially offensive words which I captured on the streets of San Fran in 2007 when I was there for a reading.  I do believe this photo was taken in North Beach.  Please know that I am an insanely tolerant human being.


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  1. This week I had engaged in a zine trade with a Peruvian zinester living in Germany and this is what he had to say about Issue 11:


    Thanks Carlos!!