Friday, December 3, 2010

Durable Goods Issue 29: Translations: France

Photo by Nadine Sellers

Durable Goods Issue 29
Translation: France
Featured Writers:

James H. Duncan

Nadine Sellers

This issue marks a new milestone for Durable Goods as it is a double issue.  The production for this was extensive, but well worth it.  I wanted to feature a longer piece of work by a writer and give that writer the joy of having their work translated into another language.  I am so very lucky to know bilingual writers who are willing to donate their talents to make this project happen.  As a thank you for their skills, I also featured their work in both English and their native language.

Issue 29 features a brillant and tortured poem from James H. Duncan that reads as well in French as it does in English.  Nadine Sellers is a writer and musician originally from France and has been featured in Durable Goods in the very beginning of this adventure and it is my honor to be able to share more of her work with you.  The photographs featured in this issue are also from Nadine Sellers.

I hope you enjoy this issue if you are able to find one.  There was a limited printing of 100.

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