Friday, December 3, 2010

Durable Goods Issue 30: Translation: Brazil

Durable Goods Issue 30
Translation: Brazil
Featured Writers:

Annie Menebroker

Beto Palaio

This is the second issue that features a translation of work into another language.  The language of Brazil is Portuguese and this issue has a special place in my heart as the very first poem I ever had published in another language was in Portuguese.  It was how I met Beto Palaio and how I struck up a curious friendship that in many ways, saved my life.

This issue features the marvelous work of Annie Menebroker who is not only an amazing female writer, but a humble one as well.  In the beginning I was unsure she would be willing to donate her work and I was beyond thrilled that she did.  Her poem is a touching remembrance that speaks volumes in English and glides along in Portuguese.

Beto Palaio is a wonderful man and a writer who is always trying to push the boundaries of his own work.  He works tirelessly at learning English and brings a special enthusiasm to the table.  He loves art and beauty and words and it is my pleasure to also feature two of his poems in this issue.

This is also a limited run of 100.

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