Thursday, December 31, 2009

Durable Goods Issue Nine

Durable Goods Issue Nine
Featured Writers:

Miriam Matzeder

Amanda Oaks

Aleathia Drehmer

Copies distributed: 134

This issue is traveling to these fine places:  Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, California, Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Ohio, Massachussets, Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Washington, England and New Zealand.

Many thanks to my collaborative distro partners who make awesome books that you should buy in 2010: Zygote in my Coffee/Tainted Coffee Press, Nibble, Alternating Current/Propaganda Press, Verve Bath Press, Kill Poet Press, and Orange Alert Press.  Soon to join the family is erbacce in England!!

Much love and appreciation to my "man about town" distributors:  Kristin Fouquet in New Orleans and John Dorsey in Toledo.  You guys rock!!

Happy New Year everyone from Durable Goods!!

Support Small Press.  Read. Write. Be kind to each other.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Durable Goods is under Orange Alert!!!

Durable Goods is more than pleased to announce another small press pairing and this time it is with Orange Alert Press.  Jason Behrends was kind enough to want to include this microzine with the fine books he sells.  For an education in all that is cool in music, art and literature be sure to visit What To Wear During An Orange Alert.....or as it is known these days....Orange Alert.

Thank you Jason!!!

Support Small Press.  You know you want to.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Giving Spirit

Today I received a lovely holiday card from one of Durable Goods biggest supporters and inside was a touching poem, a check for a subscription and a book of stamps. Michael Solender is a generous person both as a friend and as a fellow writer. He continually supports small press writers and lifts their work up by displaying them on his blog and encouraging them to think outside the box. I admire that about him because I have similar thoughts and feelings about writing. It is an individual adventure when we create a piece of fiction or a poem, but it is a community gift that reaches the borders of the world and has no limits on how much it can touch another person. Michael's encouragement of others is commendable and in light of this, I am going to use the book of stamps that he sent to give one of my readers a year's subscription who I know cannot afford to get one, but who is a humble supporter and shining human being.
Joyeux Noel Nadine Sellers!! Je t’aime.

Humbled and grateful,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Durable Goods Issue Eight

Durable Goods Issue Eight
"Children of Writers"

Featured Writers:

Sayre Mingan Quevedo
Age 16
(Son of MK Chavez)

Chloe Drehmer
Age 8
(Daughter of Aleathia Drehmer)

**Cover photo taken by Chloe Drehmer

Distributed Copies: 128

This fine issue will find its way to these lovely lands:  California, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, New Orleans, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Alaska, and England.

Cooperative Small Press Distribution:  Zygote in my Coffee, Nibble, Verve Bath Press, Kill Poet Press, Propaganda Press and the honorable John Dorsey at Collingwood in Ohio.

Thank you for supporting small press and the creativity of children everywhere.  Save art and music and theatre in our schools.  It is where children get to connect their imaginations and make something physical of them.