Collaborative Distributors

Here at Durable Goods we like to share.  We have a great partnership of other publishers that are willing to distribute Durable Goods with their fine publications when they come out.  Included in this group are those we like to call "man-about-towns" who lay them down in local shops and cafes. 

This collaboration for distribution is what sets these editors apart from the rest.  They understand the idea of community and helping everyone to succeed.  Their generosity towards me in turn is a treasure to them as I help support their publications in my networking and by purchasing their products.  It is my great pleasure to work with these people.  Links to their publications can be found in the Durable Writers section.

I will take time to honor them here:

Leah Angstman-Alternating Current/Propaganda Press

Brian Fugett-Zygote in My Coffee/Tainted Coffee Press

Corey Mesler-Burke's Book Store

Jason Neese-Kill Poet Press/Man About Town

Jeff Fleming-Nibble Poems

Andrew Taylor-erbacce press

Piotr Siwecki-Man About Town (Poland)

Subhankar Das-Graffiti Kolkata (India)

Kristin Fouquet-(Wo)Man About Town

Christopher Luna-Man About Town

Thanks to all of your for the great and hard work you do.