Monday, October 12, 2009

Durable Goods and Zygote in my Coffee

Wonder Twins Activate........    

Recently, I sent a copy of Durable Goods to my fearless editor Brian Fugett at Zygote in my Coffee.  He was enamored with my little microzine and asked if he could have a few more issues to put in a large mailing of the upcoming Issue #7/Ross Vassilev Flipbook.  I said sure and sent him 40 copies.  In further discussion, he decided that he wanted to spread DG around in everything he mails and he will soon be displaying the DG logo on Zygote in my Coffee's main website.

I think this is a wonderful thing for many reasons.  I love that Brian believes in grassroots projects and things made with heart.  He is an amazing book maker and does it in his home while juggling life and fatherhood.  He puts out quality product that people around the world enjoy.  Also, I think this benefits the writers by having a larger market than I employ at the moment.  I will still be sending out my copies by mail as intended and this pairing with Zygote in my Coffee is the whipped cream on the sundae.

Please take some time to visit Zygote in my Coffee at

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  1. "Support small press. Read. Write. Be kind to each other."

    Right on.

    & this is awesome news.