Monday, October 12, 2009

Durable Goods Issue Five

Durable Goods Issue Five
The Sunnyoutside Tribute Volume One

Featured Writers:

Rebecca Schumedja

Noel Sloboda

Aleathia Drehmer

Number of copies distributed: 104

This issue is dedicated to David McNamara at Sunnyoutside.  He is one of the hardest working editors and publishers that I know.  He always graces us with great opportunities to discover writers like Rebecca and Noel.  His commitment to small press and to his craft are held with high regard.  This is volume one of what may turn out to be a three volume set scattered over time to honor his work at Sunnyoutside.  Thank you David for delivering quality and expecting the best from your writers.


This issue has traveled to these fine places: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, New Jersey, Massachussets, Illinois, Maine, Alaska, Germany, and England


  1. Very excellent, Aleathia. Thanks for sending, and thinking of me. Lovely pic of you, btw. :)